Pile of Bones

A contemporary-era tour de force on ritualism and humanity, with a hypnotic electronic soundtrack and elemental set and costume design, this work will have you pondering the codes of human life long after and is a captivating 60 minutes.
— The Plus Ones

World Premiere Arts House - Melbourne
August 15-19, 2017 

Pile of Bones examines nurture, love, suppression and mutation, the uprising of inner demons and angels and their influence over our actions. From the quietest origins, the work gradually amplifies and intensifies towards a pulsing, rapturous end.

From crystal cut precision to wildness, Pile of Bones is a visceral exploration of the intricacies of our closest relationships. Bodies are encrusted with fluttering armour and caught in sticky webs.

In this new work, Lake’s trademark gutsy physicality and kooky poetics are teamed once again with an original composition by renowned artist Robin Fox and design team Harriet Oxley (costume) and Matthew Adey (lighting).