A thrilling, visceral dance, which may trouble your dream state for a while.
— Exeunt Magazine, Glasgow (on DUAL)

Premiered March 2013, Dance massive

Featuring Helpmann Award winning dancers Alisdair Macindoe and Sara Black and a score by renowned audio-visual artist Robin Fox, DUAL is a choreographic puzzle that fuses jagged yet slippery pieces. Two solos are performed one after the other. They are seemingly unrelated worlds- contrasting and idiosyncratic. Each solo has a strange sense of absence but also holds it’s own abstract logic. But in a third act the two solos interlock forming a duet that sees all elements – their musical scores, their atmospheres – combine.

The solos merge and new meanings emerge. A chemical reaction occurs and we find ourselves in a new psychological space revealing that what appeared separate does, in fact, belong together.

In this fugue-like tale of synthesis, DUAL asks questions about individuality and what is sacrificed as well as heightened by a union.

DUAL is a physical manifestation of the idea that something is “greater than the sum of its parts” demonstrating that 1 + 1 doesn’t necessarily equal 2. My hope has been to create a work that transcends simple structure to say something about what it means when we intertwine with another person. Perhaps it could be read as seeing one side of the story and then the other…. and then the truth.