Pile of Bones media


“Pile of Bones is electric, white hot and of universal appeal. Incredible.”  Read more

★★★★☆ -Melbourne Critique

“A starkly engaging and resplendent visual feast. Pile of Bones was riveting, visceral and transformative. Stephanie Lake has proven again why she is one of the most important voices in modern contemporary choreography.” Read more

-Andy O’Connor, Speaker TV

“Wildly imaginative. Dancers Samantha Hines, Marlo Benjamin, Harrison Richie-Jones and Jack Ziesing were all exceptional. The musical composition for this work…is absolutely intrinsic to the work and thrilling.” Read more

-Susan Bendall, Dance Australia

“Stunning audio-visual composition. Sometimes robotic, fluid, and alienesque; but definitely poetic. A remarkable show.” Read more

-Emre Icdem, Dance Life

“A powerful opening sees its four dancers as one organism, emerging into narrow light like something ejected from primordial darkness. Robust and thoughtful dance.” Read more

-Real Time, John Bailey

“The performers were, to use a phrase uttered by an audience member, ‘mind blowing in their abilities’”.

- Pop Culture-Y

“Pile of Bones, is electric, white hot and of universal appeal. It presents the perfect example of dance and its form, in the here and now. Thought provoking, and highly recommended.” Read more

-Jessi Lewis, Toorak Times

“A contemporary-era tour de force on ritualism and humanity, with a hypnotic electronic soundtrack and elemental set and costume design, this work will have you pondering the codes of human life long after and is a captivating 60 minutes.

It’s a beautiful ode to both the animus that lives inside our body-as-machine, and the poetry of relationships- ours to our body parts, and bodies to each other. Marlo Benjamin’s sculptural dressing, where, as an emblematic warrior, she is colourfully adorned by the dancers with Post It Notes as a type of reptilian armour…is a stunning image you won’t want to miss.” Read more

-Sarah W, The Plus Ones