If Never Was Now media


“Stephanie Lake never ceases to amaze in her skill as an interpreter of performance art and all the dancers worked as a cohesive unit.” Read more

-Melbourne Observer

“Thrilling and imaginative and indeed, bold. It pushed the limits of contemporary dance and demonstrated novel choreography by some of the world’s acclaimed artists.” Read more

-Absolute Theatre

“It’s eccentric and whimsical, with a playful, riotous edge. Lake makes some truly brilliant discoveries here, most notably the use of polystyrene beads that flow and jostle around the dancers. Every sweeping curve and lunge is followed by an echo of eddies and vortices that turn the space into a constantly dynamic canvas.” Read more

 ★★★★-MaxiM Boon, Limelight Magazine

“Visually compelling…raw athleticism.” Read more

- Dance Australia