Replica media


“Replica is apparently years in the making. It’s not at all surprising to read this: it’s evident in every moment of this remarkable hour-long piece. When the dancers stand up in their final tableau, back in the same place they were in the beginning, I feel a smart of tears behind my eyes. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps because this is what performance can do: reveal to us all the marvellous ways there are of being human.” Read more

-Alison Croggon, Witness Performance

“Continually surprises.” Read more

★★★★ – Stephanie Glickman, Herald Sun (2018)

“From lightning-fast sequences to moments of improvisation, then back again, this is a fierce and white-knuckled performance…strong, bold and above all, a highly sophisticated dance work, the kind that you wish to see more of. It could not come more highly regarded nor recommended, this is the “duck’s nuts” of contemporary dance.”

– Jessi Lewis, Melbourne Critique

“Brilliant and beautiful.” Read more

– Gracia Haby, Fjord Review

“Outstanding.” Read more

– Stage Whispers