Colossus media


“Thrilling, frightening and entirely unforgettable. Every technical aspect is pitch perfect. Mind boggling.” Read more

★★★★★ -Tim Byrne, Time Out

“Emotional and human.” Read more

★★★★ -Jordan Beth Vincent, Sydney Morning Herald

“When I walked out of Colossus, my blood was singing with sheer exhilaration. It’s rare to see a work of this scale, with 50 disciplined bodies on one stage, and rarer still to see new work of such epic ambition fully realised. Stephanie Lake’s latest dance, her largest to date, is a triumph.” Read more

 -Alison Croggon, Witness Performance

“Feverish. Electric.” Read more

-Theatre Press

“Mesmerizing new work from a visionary choreographer. Lovers of modern dance are sure to be thrilled.” Read more

-Man in a Chair 

“With its surging and ebbing bodies and driving rhythms, Colossus takes Stephanie Lake’s work into fresh and thrilling territory. With its cast of 50, this new work is dance amplified. Dazzling and dizzying… That Stephanie Lake is one of our best and freshest choreographers is without doubt. Her work is always provocative and involving and acts to forge new relationships between viewer and dancer. Whether she is working with a pair of dancers, a handful, or with this cast of thousands, Lake knows how to craft movement that is inventive and accessible. Astonishingly, she keeps doing it without recurrent funding.” Read more

– Susan Bendall, Dance Australia

“Outstanding. Time passes in the blink of an eye.” Read more

-Dance Writer

“This is a dance of epic proportions. An incredible feat.” Read more

-Jessi Lewis, Melbourne Critique

“In just under an hour, we have been taken to another world and experienced something that is wildly mesmerising. When the performance comes to an end, there is stillness and a silence as if we’re not exactly sure what we have just witnessed…before a standing ovation.”

– Dance Informa