A Small Prometheus media


“Consistently impressive and highly involving. Her dancers for this work were wonderful…the collaboration with Robin Fox worked perfectly.” Read more

-Susan Bendall, Dance Australia

“Theatrically ingenious; Lake knows how to direct the watching eye and how to keep the entire stage alive.

…fluidity is contrasted with rigidity, power with impotence, aggression with gentleness, human precision with the natural forces of gravity or flame.

There are moments of sheer heart-stopping beauty…totally absorbing.” Read more

-Alison Croggan, ABC Arts

“Should not be missed.” Read more

-Myron My, Theatre Press

“FOUR dancers are sitting on the floor in the dark. One strikes a match, then the second, third and fourth.

A rhythm gets going: the sharp scratch of match heads, the whispered whoosh of ignition, each dancer’s face briefly illuminated with the flare of each little Redhead…” Read more

-Matthew Westwood, The Australian